EPISODE 7 - A.J. Kaufman 'As You Know'

Maria Mercedes guest cameo in open...

Topics include: #kristinoem​ stirring CPAC speech - 'we don't have the media on our side' Governor and Emmy Award winner Andrew Cuomo's issues mount by the hour. Should the United States boycott the 2022 Beijing Genocide Winter Olympics? Bizarre #tedcruz​ 'Ruthless' appearance, references #zodiackiller​ for some reason. #jeremylin​ and rising Asian hatred in the Bay Area, the perpetrators being people of color. The revisionist legacy of Dr. Seuss and the 2021 world deeming The Muppet Show insensitive. The downfall of Minneapolis/St. Paul and other urban areas. The far right stance of Senator Mike Lee and #jasonchaffetz​ Can we find common ground on the U.S. minimum wage? #lebronjames​ back and forth with Zoltan Abramovich as NBA/WNBA does end zone dance on #kellyloeffler​ Despite 150,000 triggers for video review, NCAA Football officials still find way to mess things up.



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