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Aaron Rodgers Lends Hand To Small Business Owners

On the gridiron, Aaron Rodgers did his part Saturday to lead his team to the NFC Championship Game for the fifth time in 11 years as the Green Bay Packers defeated the Los Angeles Rams 32-18. His work off the field lately is even more commendable. Last week Rodgers announced via Instagram that he is matching Dave Portnoy's $500,000 contribution to The Barstool Fund, an organization helping small businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic. Rodgers explained his donation in further detail during his weekly segment on the Pat McAfee Show. "It's just an amazing thing they are doing," Rodgers said. "To not only change lives, and livelihoods, but to do it in such a timely fashion." The quarterback noted The Barstool Fund has made donations to businesses in a 24-72 hour time frame. Rodgers added that 'it's not like the government is helping people out in a timely fashion' - alluding to the red tape involved to get the latest two rounds of stimulus checks out. "What Dave is doing is life-changing money," he said. "That is what you gravitate towards the most." Rodgers called out politicians such as California Governor Gavin Newsom for issuing draconian state and local measures and violating them themselves. Rodgers made reference to Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco salon visit and other appointed leaders leaving the country on vacation. "For us to count the government to help us out is becoming a joke," Rodgers added. "It's a call for action for us who can donate to do so." Rodgers also talked about the toll the pandemic has taken on mental health, he noted the National Suicide Hotline has recieved a 40-fold increase in calls and that many struggle emotionally emotionally as much as financially. (Fact check: The Disaster Distress Hotline reported an 891 percent increase in calls during March, 2020 as opposed to March of 2019. The Crisis Text Hotline, a national non-profit agency, reported a call volume of 180,000 in November compared to 102,000 two months earlier.) It was announced this week that Rodgers will take a turn as guest host of 'Jeopardy!' this coming off-season. Many have suggested that in the future he would also do well in the political arena.


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