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Alex Jones Appears on Joe Rogan, Per Usual Sparks Reaction

Episode 1555 features comedian Tim Dillon (sporting 'Free Ghislaine' shirt) along with Alex Jones, whose content has been censored from Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. since 2018. Topics on the three-hour plus show included climate change, '79 Days of Hell' after Election Day, Hunter Biden, Bohemian Grove and vaccine conspiracies. Jones also suggests (at 13:00 to 15:00 mark) Donald Trump cut off lobbyists, resulting to them turning to cabinet members and 'mid-level people' get multi-million dollar contracts with Fortune 500 companies just to make suggestions to the President, including AT&T paying off Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

Dillon suggested that Democrats are using Covid-19 to other shutdowns to prevent individuals from cash and private ownership of cars.

Spotify signed Rogan to an exclusive $100 million contract earlier this year, the appearance of Jones raises questions on allowing guests banned on other media platforms.

Rogan's recent guests in the past month have included Kanye West and Edward Snowden. In just over 24 hours, Alex Jones' appearance garnered 6.1 million views, compared to 10.3 million who watched the deciding game of the 2020 World Series.


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