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Brad Stevens: "I Am a 44 Year-Old Masshole.."

In a desperate attempt to shoot down all speculation that he may be interested in the vacant coaching job at Indiana University, Brad Stevens sounds off like a left-leaning version of Mike Gundy before the Boston Celtics home game Friday night...

"I am not a kid anymore. I am a 44-year old Masshole. I swerve around others while driving, I eat Dunkin' Donuts and I root for the Patriots." It is clear that Stevens Mr. Nice Guy image went out the door long ago, one could also imagine his playlist chock full of Dropkick Murphys while worshipping Lyndon Byers vintage pugilistic skills with the Bruins. Stevens may actually have convinced the media that he is not about to make a face turn back to the Crossroads of America and become the latest big name coach to fail spectacularly at IU. It is not recommended to bet the mortgage but Stevens sounds content staying in the NBA ranks. Unless Mark Cuban and others in the IU alumni fraternity pony up enough coin to make an offer Stevens cannot refuse.


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