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Brittney Griner Basically 'Prisoner of War'

Chilling news out of Russia as it is learned that U.S. basketball star Brittney Griner has been detained for alleged drug smuggling, a charge that carries five-to-10 years in prison according to Russian news agencies. The arrest is said to have occurred about a month ago. It is feared President Vladimir Putin will use Griner as a political chess piece as a high-profile hostage as attacks on Ukraine continue to unfold and that the case will not resolve anytime soon. The developing story serves as a reminder that all Americans residing in Russia need to get out, without giving authorities reason for detainment. One possible solution suggested is for former U.S. President Donald Trump to help broker Griner's release. Expect more stories of more public figures stuck in Russia to unwillingly becoming 'Prisoners of War', considering Putin considers the United States aid to Ukraine as an act of war. The situation becomes more alarming by the day.


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