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Caesers Superdome Escapes Major Hurricane Damage

Somewhat positive news regarding the New Orleans Saints situation as the city tries to recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. It is reported that unlike Hurricane Katrina, the Superdome sustained only minor damage during the weather event, described as a 'little window leak'. That said, the Saints scheduled Week 1 home game versus the Green Bay Packers will not be played in New Orleans. The team is spending the week practicing at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, which is suggested as a possible location for that game. It is possible that the Saints could return to the Superdome for their second home game on October 3, but logistical challenges remain with much of the city without power for the foreseeable future as many of the thousands of staffers employed for each game are likely to be unavailable. The Saints also need to access the condition and availability of their own practice facility in suburban Metairie.

The team cancelled its final preseason game last weekend as Ida bore down on the area.


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