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CBS Mandates 50 Percent BIPOC Casts On Reality Shows

Citing past criticism, CBS vows diversity for shows such as Survivor, Big Brother and Amazing Race. The networks goal for future seasons include 50 percent BIPOC participation. Jolanda Jones and other past cast members formed a group called the 'Black Survivor Alliance' met with the network and producers to call attention to implicit bias and systemic racism on and off the set.

A former contestant notes Blacks and other minorities on the show stereotyped with terms such as 'lazy, crazy, workhorse and sidekick'. A former heptathlete, Jones appeared on Survivor in 2004. Named a tribe leader, Jones was profiled as bossy and overbearing, and was the first contestant voted off the show. CBS plans additional changes behind the scenes, future plans call for 25 percent of future development created by Black, indigenous and people of color. By 2022 CBS will mandate 50 percent of its writers to be BIPOC.


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