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Chris Christie Highly Unfavorable Rating In New Jersey

The 55th Governor of New Jersey has mulled making another run at the White House in 2024. Voters in his own state do not feel the same love. Christie's 64 percent unfavorable rating in a Monmouth University survey sticks out like the anemic batting average of an overpaid New York Mets shortstop. In just the Garden State, 70 percent do not believe Christie would make for a good president and just 10 percent would like to see him run. But Christie eyes opportunity, since he considers Joe Biden as a 'transitional' one-term president. "He won't be able to walk for a second term, let along run", Christie said appearing on the Ruthless podcast this week. "For him, he probably knows he has just two years because if history is any guide he is going to lose the House (of Representatives). He is a practical politician, he is running towards daylight."

Although noting he has differences from Donald Trump from policy and personnel standpoints, Christie points out issues like the Mexican border crisis, rising tensions in the Middle East and a $4.4 million ransom paid to reopen the Colonial Pipeline did not happen under Trump's watch.

Christie remains far and away the least popular living ex-govenor in his state. He did not separate himself from other contenders in early 2016 primaries and bowed out to become Donald Trump's drafting partner. Christie shined on the debate stage when he put the arm-bar on Marco Rubio (for repetitive 25-second memorized speeches) along with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (for discussing legislation of fantasy sports gaming).

The poll was done in late April-early May and used the responses of 706 state residents. The margin of error is said to be 3.7 percent.

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