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Civil Rights Groups Call For Augusta Boycott

It is a tradition unlike none other. Not the golf tournament - but activists taking it upon themselves to punish any laws or initiatives in locations that they do not agree with. In response Governor Brian Kemp's passing of SB 202, the National Black Justice Coalition is calling for the PGA Tour and Augusta National Golf Club to pull the 2021 Masters out of Georgia. The voting bill comes in the aftermath of early voting, ballot harvesting, Lebron James campaigning and other antics that led to Donald Trump losing the state, along with David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler narrowly losing run-off elections, giving Democrats critical control of Senate along with the House of Representatives and White House. Critics of the bill liken the measure as a Jim Crow relic for the 21st Century. The measure also prevents activists groups from giving food and drinks, or other measures of coaxing - to voters waiting in line. Columnists are also calling for rank and file PGA Tour players to take it upon themselves and withdraw from the Masters. The latest actions come two days after Major League Baseball Players Association President Tony Clark called for the 2021 All-Star Game to be pulled out of Atlanta.

Activists are also calling out for a boycott of Coca-Cola products in response for the company being silent on SB 202. Just last month Coca-Cola received backlash from the other side when it was learned that they featured Dr. Robin DiAngelo's 'Be Less White' module as part of the company's diversity training. Maybe CNN can move its headquarters out of Atlanta.. This is not the first time events have been targeted over state laws. In 2016 the NBA All-Star Weekend was pulled out of Charlotte over North Carolina's Transgender Bathroom Law HB2. The Phoenix area was also delayed in receiving a bid to host the Super Bowl in the early-1990s over Arizona not declaring Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a state holiday. Just last summer Mississippi changed its state flag under pressure from the NCAA and other activists..

Whatever side of the aisle one may be on, sports and entertainment are now used as pawns more than ever. Will your state be the next that is targeted?

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