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'Climate Crisis' Played Role In Surfside Condo Disaster?

The investigation to what may of caused the devastating Champlain Towers collapse that likely claimed more than 150 lives has just begun and will take years. That is not preventing CNN to suggest what root causes may have caused the tragedy. Appearing in studio with United States Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, anchor Erica Hill asked what role climate change may have played in the disaster.

Hill asked Granholm about known about climate and 'extraordinary tides' playing a possible role. "Obviously, we do not know fully," Granholm said. "We know that we're losing inches and inches of beach – not just in Florida, but all around." Granholm went on to say that Americans should adapt and protect themselves from the consequences of evolving climate change. Granholm also noted that this would be a good reason to pass President Joe Biden's current infrastructure bills. MSNBC anchor Joshua Johnson also got on television this past weekend with the suggestion that the collapse can be leveraged to justify the price tag of the bill. The media continues to look for scapegoats as rescuers carry on the grueling task of digging through endless rubble. A Washington Post writer claimed on social media that Governor Ron DeSantis did not allow FEMA to immediately deploy to the situation.

A further dive into the events shows that by law DeSantis had to wait one day to officially declare an emergency declaration while Surfside and Miami-Dade County officials established crisis management within hours. The dust still has not cleared but per usual the blame game is in full swing.

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