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Detective Proposes 'Dead Pool' Wager, Gets Suspended

Jeffrey Plazcek, a 16-year detective with the Hartford (Conn.) Police Department, has been demoted and suspended without pay for 120 days for organizing a dead pool on the location of 2021's first homicide. A supervisor with the major crimes division has also been reassigned pending an investigation. "This represents an appalling lack of judgement, an extreme insensitivity towards our community, and a clear violation of Department policy for which there will be serious consequences," Police Chief Jason Thody said. As of November 10, the community of 122,000 has seen 22 homicides this year.

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin also issued a statement regarding the investigation. Placzek's return to the department is contingent on passing a fitness for duty evaluation and completing a restorative justice program. Placzek is expected to challenge the punishment, under union protocols a hearing will be held to determine whether the suspension and demotion will be upheld.


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