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Double Check: Aaron Rodgers Doppelganger Discovered

Photo Credit: Troy Woitas

About a generation before State Farm Insurance was founded and the Acme Packing Company got the crazy idea to start a professional football team, this man existed.

Somebody check the Victorian Era genealogy charts - an Iowa man put up for sale a portrait of this otherwise random individual from the late 1800s - early 1900s along with his wife. I doubt the couple had any clue the combination of technology and professional football would cause the finished product to have value in the middle of a global pandemic in 2020.

The photo sold for $202.50.

So on top of his football gig, it turns out Aaron Rodgers is possibly a time traveler or had a previous incarnation. Perhaps in 2097 the Chicago Bears or Minnesota Vikings will have the fifth overall pick and will be still be looking to find their franchise quarterback. Rodgers may be the NFL's version of Highwayman - he will be back again, and again, and again, and again...


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