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Elise Stefanik Set To Replace Liz Cheney?

Updated: May 10, 2021

A congresswomen representing New York State's 21st District (North Country area), Elise Stefanik appears set to replace Wyoming representative Liz Cheney as GOP congressional chair. Considered early on to become a mainstream member of Congress by Paul Ryan and others, Stefanik, 36, now backs the Donald Trump faction. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy sent a letter to colleagues over the weekend stating it's 'clear to make a change' ahead of a Wednesday vote behind closed doors that could lead to the ouster of Cheney as GOP chair and third-highest party ranking member. "She comes from a place where it is much more likely that she will bring a much more moderating voice on policy,"former New Jersey governor Chris Christie said on ABC News "This Week". "I think Elise will bring some very good things to (the chair position)."

Critics argue that Stefanik will not be a moderating influence and her rise has not been based on policy or ideology - but rather following Trump's lead. Other pundits point to her being too moderate previously, siding with Trump 78 percent of the time compared to 93 percent for Cheney. In an additional nod to MAGA, Stefanik appeared on Steve Bannon's podcast late last week. "I am committed to being a voice and sending a clear message that we are one team," she said. "That means working with (Trump) and with all of our excellent Republican members of Congress." Stefanik also told Bannon that she is in full support with the current 2020 Presidential election audit currently taking place in Arizona. Complicating matters is that New York is set to lose a seat due to 2021 redistricting, with state Democrats wielding the power to eliminate Stefanik's seat and effectively end her current cposition. The other strategy would be go gerrymander the maps to pack more Republicans in upstate New York. Whatever happens in the upcoming days, weeks and months, it is apparent that Stefanik's influence will continue to rise whether it be in Congress or elsewhere.

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