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Even Mike Lee Acknowledges Biden As President-Elect

One of the last holdouts awaiting legal challenges from the Donald Trump camp, Senator Mike Lee acknowledged Joe Biden would become President of the United States on Jan. 20 in a written statement.

Lee still addresses concerns about voter irregularities remaining active in several states that need to be addressed by Congress and local officials. Other Utah elected officials such as Senator Mitt Romney, Governor-elect Spencer Cox, Representative John Curtis and Representative-elect Blake Moore recognized Joe Biden as major news outlets called the 2020 Presidential Election. Lee sparked controversy last week when he blocked bipartisan legislation to establish museums honoring the history of Latino Americans and American women. In an exchange with New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, Lee argued that the history of such groups should be housed as part of the National Museum of American History. Lee also argued that Latinos had not endured systemic racism or erasure of history.

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