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Gaetz, Lindell Keep News Channels And Podcasts Humming..

Fresh off his weekend trip to Cheyenne to wage GOP Civil War against House Chair Liz Cheney, which was not a good look in more ways than one - Florida Representative Matt Gaetz now says he is willing join Donald Trump's defense team.

Gaetz appeared on Steve Bannon's War Room Pandemic, where he disclosed that he and other Trump supporters in the House asked if they could offer their services to the former president in his second impeachment trial, but were denied. If Trump were to ask for help, Gaetz said he would definitely give up his House seat. "I would do anything to ensure the greatest president in my lifetime," he said. "I got a full-throated defense. I only regret that I have only one political career to give to my president." Gaetz reiterated his comments on a later appearance on Fox News. A Miami Herald opinion piece earlier this week suggested that Gaetz is not just incompetent but also a danger to the military and national security. The writers expressed concerns over Gaetz's role in the House Armed Services Committee despite the 38-year old's lack of military experience and security expertise. Another explosively charged moment straight out of an old pro wrestling promo occurred when anchor Mike Sellers walked away from his Newsmax interview with a ranting Mike Lindell, leading Trump supporters to turn against the channel. As of Wednesday morning the segment received more than eight million views on social media. Lindell's corporate MyPillow account was removed from Twitter this week after he used the site to make political comments after his own personal account was banned.

Mike Lindell parody on Saturday Night Live (NBC/Universal)


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