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Highway To Hell? Donald Trump 'GOAT' Route Proposed

Florida House of Representatives legislator Anthony Sabatini offers amendment to the state's transportation designations bill that would rename U.S. Highway 27 as the 'Donald J Trump Highway'.

The historic and scenic 481-mile route runs down Florida's spine, from Tallahassee through Orlando and southward to Miami. A conservative firebrand representing Central Florida, Sabatini looks forward to working on this important designation to honor 'one of the greatest Presidents of all time'. In the past year Sabatini has taken aim at mandatory mask mandates, downplayed the COVID situation and defended gun rights. Highway 27 was renamed in 1999 after former senator and House of Representatives member Claude Pepper, who championed rights for senior citizens and international foreign police in his 40-plus years of public service.

This batshit crazy measure for a renamed highway will face a dead end, as any stretch of road for the disgraced president would be an insult to other prominent figures honored in the past.


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