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Jen Rubin Closes In On Winning #hackmadness Semfinal

You thought UCLA v. Gonzaga was an instant classic? In a poll that has received in excess of 15,000 votes beginning Saturday and into Easter morning, Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin fought hammer and tongs with defending #hackmadness champion Brian Stelter. For much of the night the race was too close to call, with polling as tight as the Iowa-2 House race. But with less than an hour remaining, Rubin had opened up a Comfortably Smug advantage, leading 51.3 to 48.7 percent. Rubin has been on a much-needed heater. Earlier this week she dropped the gloves with PBS correspondent Yamiche Alcindor online over questions asked regarding the border crisis at President Biden's press conference. A cat fight in more ways than one.

This weekend Rubin penned a syndicated editorial claiming the GOP is boxed in on Biden's multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill that will strengthen unions but chase additional jobs overseas. Rubin's current 51.2 percent total appears large enough that even Stacy Abrams and Do'Minion' Voting cannot steal the outcome in Stelter's favor. There is not as much drama in the other semifinal match. KACMEDIA has called the race for CNN's Chris Cuomo with 56 percent of the vote over No. 4 seeded Aaron Rupar. Many have Rubin to have the advantage in a final against Chris Cuomo, but the CNN contributor may have survived his best shot from The Bulwark's Bill Kristol in the previous round. Name recognition, family legacy and CNN exposure may give Cuomo the final edge. Rubin v. Cuomo appear to be the last two standing, their final Ruthless 'progrum' showdown figures to be every bit as epic as Baylor v. Gonzaga.

Jennifer Rubin supporter shows support running the bases at a Colorado Rockies game.

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