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Kaufman: SJW's Come For Cleveland's Baseball Team

News broke Sunday that the 2021 baseball season may be the last for the Cleveland Indians.

While a new name has been selected, “Cleveland Baseball Team” is possible. The decision is similar to Washington, where the NFL franchise dropped “Redskins” prior to this season and currently plays as Washington Football Team. The move comes just three years after Cleveland was forced to eradicate their longtime logo. Cleveland’s baseball team has been known as the Indians for more than a century. In full woke mold, the New York Times, which broke the story, said the decision “is part of a larger national conversation about race that magnified this year amid protests of systemic racism and police violence.” This summer, a Cleveland sports columnist lectured fans opposed to this idea, claiming, “This is a small part in a broader movement to deal with consequences of the past and end racial injustice and systemic racism.” Many colleges have been forced to end traditions in recent years, including the University of North Dakota, where faculty and the NCAA demanded “Sioux” be removed, despite almost no complaints from the community. But in reality, Native Americans groups don’t care. Four years ago, 90 percent said they are not offended ala bored, rich progressives. It won’t stop. People are and using “social unrest” as excuse for political agendas. As Native American communities fall apart and have real concerns, wokescolds change sports names. Brilliance.

A.J. Kaufman is a regular contributor to KACMEDIA and can also be read, seen and heard on Alpha News Minnesota

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