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Late April Snow Set for Midwest

Portions of New England experienced a late tase of winter this weekend, this week it will be the Midwest's turn - not the Upper Midwest but the Midwest. Portions of Kansas and Nebraska will see 1 to three inches of snow Monday night into Tuesday. For parts of Nebraska it will represent the first snow in nearly two months. The weather system will also impact Kansas City, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cleveland and Buffalo (tracking south of Minnesota and Wisconsin) during the early week. Southern portions of Ontario just north and east of Detroit will see higher local amounts exceeding six inches/15 centimeters.

The accumulations will melt fast, but heavy-wet snow could damage trees already bearing leaves which in turn could impact power lines. The global warming mafia is unavailable for comment, but this is not an atypical spring weather pattern. And it would not be Mother's Day weekend without a snow event in Denver.

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