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Madeline Groves Pulls Out Of Olympics Over 'Perverts'

Two-time Olympic silver medalist Madeline Groves has pulled out of Australia's Olympic trials after a wild social media rant where the 26-year old called out 'misogynistic perverts.' "Let this be a lesson to all misogynistic perverts in sport and their boot lickers," the 26-year old Brisbane-based swimmer said. "You can no longer exploit young women and girls, body shame or medically gaslight them, then expect them to represent so you can earn your annual bonus. Time’s UP." Late last year Groves told about a claim she once made towards a male swimmer who allegedly stared at her. Swimming Australia then reached out to her regarding the allegation. Groves also once accused a coach of making a 'creepy comment'. A friendly reminder to our Omaha readers, the U.S. Olympic Trials are scheduled June 13-20. Feel free to hang out in the lobby, check out your favorite swimmers and catch a strong whiff of chlorinated aromatherapy.

Goodness gracious me...

Yes, elite swimmers have been known to show off their togas for marketing purposes.

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