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MAGA Madness: Joe Biden's Victory Officially Affirmed

Congress affirmed the victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris early Thursday after an unprecedented day highlighted by a chaotic six-hour recess after a deadly riot captured the attention of the entire world. Vice President Mike Pence declared Biden victorious at 3:41 a.m. ET., more than 13 hours after a mob of hundreds breached the Capitol. One video showed a group breaking down a window with a police shield to enter the building. The vote to certify the president-elect is usually a matter of course. Party leaders in both chambers proceeded Wednesday evening in a show that America's democratic institutions remain strong even in the face of a threat to democracy.

Moments before the lockdown Senator Ted Cruz and Rep. Paul Gosar objected to Electoral College votes from Arizona. When the session resumed several senators dropped their objections and the measure failed by a 93-6 margin.

A similar challenge against Pennsylvania was dismissed Thursday morning, 92-7 by the Senate and 282-138 by the House. The rest of the votes were then formally counted, concluding with Wyoming.

As of Thursday morning four have been reported dead and 52 arrested by the violence and domestic terrorism. One fatality occurred inside the capitol when an officer shot Trump protester and Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt in the head. Another woman was also shot in the chest on the Capitol steps.


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