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#metoo - Deshaun Watson Accusers Multiply

It is very possible that Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is guilty of shopping around too much for massage therapists. Anything beyond that appears headed to a showdown with a prominent lawyer. 'Fire-Breathing' attorney Tony Buzbee represents at least 12 (and as many as 17) women in the Houston-area wellness industry who accuse Watson of inappropriate conduct and sexual assault, Buzbee plans to file charges and the case could reach a grand jury this week. One plaintiff claims Watson demanded oral sex, another that he asked for extra attention on his groins and other private areas. Unnamed accusers say to have been intimidated and blacked out during sessions, and Watson threatened to use his public figure status to his advantage if they did not comply. Watson took to social media to defend himself, noting his regular therapist became unavailable because of the pandemic, and spent the past year getting recommendations from teammates and others. The gravity of the allegations contrast significantly to Watson's character and charitable work since his high school and collegiate days. This story has exploded in just days and has the attention of the National Football League, who will investigate. Watson has demanded a trade out of Houston for the past three months, teams including the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles remain interested and unfazed by recent developments. It remains seen how far the case goes, if anywhere. It is possible that more concrete evidence could surface - or Watson could just be a target by a group attempting to cash in on the momentum of a disturbing movement.


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