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Mile High And Three Feet Deep in Snow

Snow events up and down the Front Range are far from unusual during the month of March, or April, or even May or September. But a weather system spanning from Colorado Springs north into Wyoming and far western Nebraska threatens to paralyze the region. The snowstorm is hyped to be perhaps Denver's largest ever since records were kept in 1885. It will likely fall short of that bar but is still forecasted to be measured in feet rather than inches. The snowfall is given a 50/50 chance of besting the 31.8 inches that fell in March of 2003. The largest snow event ever is believed to have been a five-day event in December that left nearly four feet in the Mile High city. The duration of the storm will play a part in the final totals, with higher amounts forecasted for foothill regions such as Boulder. The snow should not expend too much eastward, it will be a weekend-long rain event for most of Nebraska. The usual protocols for preparation are in place, do not wait until the last minute - do it yesterday.

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