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Milwaukee Bucks Land Motorola Sponsorship

Hello Mot-o. After looking splendid going through the regular season sponsor-less like an underfunded NASCAR team, the Milwaukee Bucks have a new patch sponsor. The Chicago-based self-proclaimed Motorola 'Batwing' patch will adorn Bucks uniforms and practice jerseys under a multi-year contract.

Motorola also has sponsorship deals with the Indiana Pacers and Brooklyn Nets, the Bucks possible second-round playoff opponent. Although Motorola is RC Cola compared to the T-Mobile's and AT&T's of the world - at least Verizon, Aurora Health Care or a lame betting website were not selected.

Motorola branding will also be prevalent on in-house replays and other digital displays.

The Motorol batwing makes its debut for Game 1 of the Bucks first-round playoff series with the Miami Heat Saturday afternoon (2 p.m. ET).


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