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Montréal Impact Does Rebrand - Supporters Not Happy

Montréal MLS entry announces they will drop Montréal Impact handle used for three decades and now be known as Club De Foot Montréal or CF Montréal for short. The new shield is inspired from Expo 67 and the 1976 Summer Olympics. Many supporters are not happy with the change in branding and in particular the design, believing the now negative 'snowflake' theme will lead to ridicule. "I understand how you feel", owner Joey Saputo said in a press conference. "But to make an impact, we need to retire the Impact." The new logo was immediately critiqued on social media, one post in French read "Is this all a joke." More than 2,000 fans signed a petition last week calling for the club to keep the Impact moniker. The Impact joined MLS in 2012 after previous incarnations in lower levels.


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