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Nebraska Governor Will Not Ban Guns From State Capitol

As the countdown towards potential mass casualty events at the United States and state Capitol buildings on Jan. 17 continues, states have quickly ramped up security details for the coming days. Although consulting with his state National Guard and State Patrol officers, Nebraska governor Pete Ricketts does not plan to prohibit weapons inside state Capitol grounds, citing second amendment rights. Speaking at a weekly press conference, Ricketts twice reiterated that any attempt to ban or restrict firearms violates the 2nd Amendment.

Ricketts encouraged those coming to the Capitol to protest peacefully, but to be thoughtful to others who may be nervous at the sight of firearms.

The governor also responded to a question in regards to a Michigan commission plan for open carry in that state's Capitol. Capitols such as Michigan and Minnesota are on particularly high alert as plans circulate over demonstrations billed as the 'largest armed protest to take place on American soil.' and the prospect of elected officials being blocked or even killed by the extreme-right in a overthrow attempt.


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