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New Covid Single-Day Casualty Record Set

Per Worldometer, 2,831 deaths recorded for Wednesday, December 2 as hospitals again reach and exceed overflow status. The grim total represents a single-day high since the Covid pandemic began in March.

The highest state casualty total belongs to Illinois, obliterating their previous peak with 266 deaths. California and Texas recorded nearly 20,000 cases, approaching or setting new highs.

Some positive news, midwestern states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Missouri have started to see small declines with new cases in recent days. Still, the nationwide new cases topped 200,000 for a second time since Nov. 20.

Meanwhile, activists piled faux body bags on the front porch of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's residence in Washington. The activists accuse McConnell of having 'blood on his hands' for his blocking of stimulus relief bills passed by the House of Representatives.


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