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New Klay Thompson Injury - Possible Right Achilles

Just as the 2020 NBA Draft was about to commence, news comes down that Klay Thompson suffered a right 'leg injury' during a workout that will require testing.

Shams Charania reported on Stadium's draft show that the injury is to the right heel area. Thompson needed help leaving the arena and the initial fear is an Achilles injury similar to that sustained by Kevin Durant during the 2019 NBA Finals. Thompson himself has not played since a torn left ACL suffered in Game 6 same 2019 NBA Finals, if so Thompson faces yet another year-plus rehab and a return that may come until at least early 2022. Rehabilitation comes with fear that an athlete may overcompensate, leading to a fresh injury in a different area. Thompson turns 31 years old in February, back-to-back devastating injuries could mark the end of Klay's career prime. Details still sketchy, hopefully the early details do not end up as serious as speculated.


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