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NFL Alternate Helmet Color Concepts For 2022

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

One shell prohibition has ended in the NFL, with all teams allowed to adopt a second helmet color beginning in 2022 for use with Throwback or Color Rush uniforms. Some teams choices will be obvious and have been utilized before while other franchises have a chance to be creative - and a few may pass altogether. Here is an idea of what we might see for all 32 teams. Buffalo Bills - The Bills wore red helmets from 1984 through 2010, apparently upon the wishes of quarterback Jim Kelly who wanted to have his teammates with a helmet color different than division rivals. After a little over the decade, the red helmets have become retro and will be welcomed. Miami Dolphins - The retro dolphin with the throwback uniforms continues to be a hit and can still be used. A good suggestion will be an aqua-marine helmet to be used with the Color Rush brand. New England Patriots - 'Pat Patriot' makes triumphant return. New York Jets - Team pivoted back to green helmets in 2019, the white helmets can return here, likely with a lighter (Joe Namath era) green throwback. Baltimore Ravens - Nothing spectacular, but a purple helmet to pair with the purple Color Rush. Cincinnati Bengals - Owner/coach Paul Brown had plenty of concepts before the franchise ever played a down. White helmets with black stripes have been suggested, or simply swap to black helmets/orange stripes. Cleveland Browns - White helmets to pair with circa-1950s throwbacks. Pittsburgh Steelers - Return of the early-1960s gold helmets where the steelmark logo originally appeared on one side. The one-sided logo was an experiment to see what the feedback would be. The team had a rare winning season and the gimmick sticks to this day with the base black helmets. Houston Texans - An opportunity to get an Oilers shade of Columbia blue back into the mix. Indianapolis Colts - The team has worn a dark blue-1950s look in the past. Jacksonville Jaguars - Outside the box ideas. 1. Draw off the area's military presence for an alternate uniform and helmet. 2. If the franchise continues to play in North London once a year, do a combo set loosely based on Tottenham Hotspur (navy/white). Tennessee Titans - Return of the white helmets that were swapped out for dark blue in 2018. Denver Broncos - The team has already stunted with bringing back the retro 'D' logo. Now they can do it with the original lighter blue color. Kansas City Chiefs - Tough one, the franchise has always worn red helmets since Day One in 1960. Unless the team wants to introduce a 'City Edition' with a different color scheme. Las Vegas Raiders - The overwhelming choice is for a black helmet. The team last had that color helmet in 1960-62 when black and gold were the colors and there was little interest in the then-fledging franchise. Los Angeles Chargers - The team went back to white helmets in 2007. Two great choices here are Dan Fouts-Era royal blue (1974-1984) or Junior Seau/LaDainian Tomlinson navy (1985-2006). Dallas Cowboys - The team still shows off their 1960-63 white helmet model and will definitely return to that great retro look. New York Giants - Hard one since team has always had blue helmets. Perhaps a shiny chrome blue to go with a Color Rush outfit? Philadelphia Eagles - Kelly green, silver wing with white outline. Done. Washington Football Team - When Vince Lombardi became coach in 1969 the team designed Packers-like outfits complete with gold helmets worn in 1970-71. They were worn again once as a throwback in 2007. In any case this is a good time to experiment as the franchise continues to stunt with new name ideas. Chicago Bears - Another toughie since Bears have always been about navy blue helmets. They can stick with the retro decals as currently done twice a year. Detroit Lions - They have always rolled with silver helmets, but a Honolulu blue model would be a nice switch. Green Bay Packers - They did brown helmets for a 1929 throwback in 2010-11, which was unnecessary. Simply inverse the current gold helmet to green and wear with an all-green Color Rush, but only once per year. Minnesota Vikings - Have never done anything besides purple, so how about a purple chrome helmet that blinds everyone!?

Atlanta Falcons - Back to the original red helmet. Carolina Panthers - The entire uniform is overdue for a redesign. I see a black or Carolina blue helmet as a plan. New Orleans Saints - Without warning, the Saints planned to switch to black helmets in 1969. They were worn in the preseason before the league said 'Uh-Ugh'. Now they can do it legally.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Bucco Bruce. Arizona Cardinals - Team has fetish with their third jersey and Color Rush black, now they can be paired with black helmets. Los Angeles Rams - Ownership wants to be creative and introduce an alternate uniform each year. They will likely be just as creative in designing an alternate lid. San Francisco 49ers - Red helmets to go along with the 1950s style alternates is one possibility. What is not widely known is that the Niners went with silver helmets in the late-1950s/early 1960s - that is an outside the box option. Seattle Seahawks - Most want the silver helmets used from 1976-2001. That would be fine but the franchise came to age with the blue helmets worn this century. I envision silver with a chrome twist that would be so yuppie Pacific Northwest.


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