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PBR Community Mourns Loss Of Rising Talent

Tragedy occurred on the Professional Bull Riders circuit over the weekend when Brazilian Amadeu Campos Silva was thrown off his mount 5.31 seconds into his ride in a Velocity Tour event and was stomped on his chest. The 22-year old rider was taken to a Fresno, Calif. hospital where he was pronounced dead. According to a witness, Campos spur got caught in a flank rope as he was thrown, turning him upside down. "It's just a really freak, tragic accident," a PBR livestock director said. Campos Silva competed in PBR's Brazil circuit in 2017 and 2018 before he and his parents relocated to Texas. Last December he competed in PBR's World Finals. The PBR's Velocity Tour is one tier below the organizations top competition. Campos Silva was described as a rising star in the sport. In January 2019 rider Mason Lowe died after he was trampled by a bull during an event in Denver.

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