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See You In Canton: Philip Rivers Calls It A Career

Unlike other recent long time quarterbacks, future Hall of Famer Philip Rivers left no drama, releasing a classy statement on Wednesday announcing his retirement. A lot less awkward than the last Indianapolis Colts quarterback whose retirement leaked in the middle of a preseason game - Andrew Luck still has not been seen since. Rivers came to the San Diego Chargers via trade on Draft Day in 2004 after overall No. 1 pick Eli Manning stated he would prefer not to play for the Chargers. It worked for Manning, who carved his own legacy with the New York Giants and beat Tom Brady twice in the Super Bowl. It also worked for Rivers, who spent 16 of his 17 seasons to match his jersey number with the Chargers franchise. For his career Rivers threw for 63,440 yards and 421 touchdowns, both rank fifth all time. In his statement, the father of nine noted January 20 as significant for being St. Sebastian's Feast day and the 13th anniversary of facing the undefeated New England Patriots on one leg in the AFC Championship Game. The biggest void on Rivers resume is obviously the lack of a Super Bowl appearance, a fate shared by other Chargers greats such as Dan Fouts and LaDainian Tomlinson. Rivers thanked fans in San Diego and across the nation, along with coaches, teammates opposing players and referees for putting up with him over the years. Rivers closed with NUNC COEPI (next chapter...)


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