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Playing Favorites: KACMEDIA Week 15 NFL Spread Picks

After nearly two months of disastrous picks, I found an algorithm to guarantee success this week. It tells me to pick the favorites to win, and by wider margins than the inflated spreads over teams tanking the rest of 2020. Here we go... LA Chargers @ Las Vegas - This will be an outlier, will go with road team as Raiders have become a fustercluck the past three weeks. Justin Herbert beat Vegas with a last-play touchdown in the previous meeting, until replay proved otherwise. Buffalo @ Denver - Look for Denver to finish strong, just not this week. The Bills have plenty to play for including winning the division and earning as high as a No. 2 seed. This games also serves as Josh Allen's Wyoming 'homecoming' Carolina @ Green Bay - The GBP held off the Panthers at Lambeau last year, and the Panthers appear to be limping towards the finish line again. If all works out for the Packers, they will not getting on a long flight until deep in the playoffs or perhaps to Tampa on the last day of January. Tampa Bay @ Atlanta - The Bucs should roll into postseason play, two games against the Falcons and Detroit - cannot ask for an easier run in. San Francisco @ Dallas - You at least know the Niners have not mailed the season in, the same cannot be said for the Cowboys. Detroit @ Tennessee - Spread went from 8.0 to 10.5 over Matthew Stafford's questionable status. Going with the Lions just to get a few underdogs in. Houston @ Indianapolis - The Colts must keep winning, and not even guaranteed a playoff spot at 11-5 should Baltimore and Miami also win out. New England @ Miami - The Patriots usually bomb out in Miami in even the best of times. With the roles somewhat reversed, I look at the Dolphins as one of the easier plays this week.

Chicago @ Minnesota - Except for a return TD to open the second half, the Bears did not do much in the previous meeting, Vikings win to stay in the hunt. Seattle @ Washington - Look for Washington to lock up the division title next week v. Carolina. The Seahawks are still in a tough fight in the NFC West so I look for the team from the other 'Washington'.

Jacksonville @ Baltimore - The Ravens have several wide receivers down, should not matter. Lamar Jackson runs for 200 yards and Baltimore wins 23-0. Ravens then close with the Giants and Bengals. NY Jets @ LA Rams - Was foolish enough to take Jets +13.5 last week, even at -17 I look for the Rams easily, something like 31-3. Philadelphia @ Arizona - This could be the most exciting game of the week, Cards should win but Jaylen Hurts and the Eagles will make them earn it. Kansas City @ New Orleans - If you believer the fivethirthyeight site, the Saints are still the favorite to win the NFC, so it's not hyperbole to believe these two will square off again. Saints need this game more, but will go with KC. Cleveland @ NY Giants - The Browns fell short on Monday night, but Baker Mayfield gets the Bryson DeChambeau award for his 72-yard throw that hit the bottom of the goal post to end the first half. Baker can definitely pull out the Kraken. Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati - After two very down weeks, the Steelers need to make a statement on the hapless Bengals and will do just that. LOCKS: Tampa Bay @ Atlanta, Indianapolis v. Houston, Miami v. New England, Minnesota v. Chicago, Philadelphia @ Arizona

Overall Record: Last Week 6-10, Season 91-105-3

Locks Last Week 1-4, Season 39-30-1


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