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Shailene Woodley Sounds Like a Real Work

Give Brett Favre credit for this, he never hung out with the Kentucky Derby crowd and for the past 30 years has been married to a classy woman who stuck with him through thick and thin. Full disclosure, I do not follow Hollywood much, but Shailene Woodley appears only a step behind Demi Lavato level. As reported on Outkick, Woodley has some history, she was arrested for protesting the Dakota Pipeline in 2016, a project that was halted minutes after President Joe Biden took office in January. So it figures the Boulder, Colorado native is big with the activist crowd. Except those in that arena frown on horse racing, which features animals whose sheer size and strength puts NFL players to shame - and sees an alarming amount of breakdowns that sees the equine athletes euthanized. It was not a good idea for the Aaron Rodgers/Woodley tandem to make the trip down to Louisville this year. Rodgers obviously had the media and their questions about his Green Bay Packers future. Pictures of the couple at the Derby has also raised speculation that Woodley is pregnant - If so Rodgers is really wasting no time. Fair or not, Woodley is also public enemy No. 1 amongst the Green Bay Packers fan base although Aaron Rodgers current act should be blamed on Aaron Rodgers. Woodley has been called the 'Yoko Ono of Green Bay', although Janet Jones (see Wayne Gretzky trade to Los Angeles Kings, 1991) is the more apt comparison. Brian Gutekunst's big mistake right now is not trading Rodgers when the San Francisco 49ers made a generous offer. Hopefully he rectifies that soon as AR12 is not worth the soap opera and distraction in the locker room. It may screw up the salary cap situation and end the GBP's championship chances short-term, but Rodgers is worth much more on the trade market than Favre was in 2008. June 1 cannot come soon enough - and Rodgers can skip the full-page newspaper thank you when the inevitable trade goes down.

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