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Texas Freeze Will Be Felt In Heating Bills Elsewhere

The historic weather conditions caused by this month's historic cold weather that impacted all of Texas will soon be felt financially as far away as Minnesota. Reports out of Minnesota have heating bills going up $400 from February due to high prices that utilities were forced to pay. "When we were buying, those gas prices were very, very, high" a Minnesota utilities manager said. At one point in February, natural gas prices spiked to between 50 and 80 times the normal average. Minnesota Senator Tina Smith has already inquired to the Department of Energy in regards to potential price gauging and the Minnesota Public Utility Commission has opened an investigation.

"I want to protect Minnesota consumers from price increases they don't deserve and in many cases cannot afford", Smith said. Texas investigators have also begun an investigation to the deadly blackout that affected millions.

Senator Ted Cruz bragged about Texas's power grid being independent from neighboring states in a podcast earlier this week, also pointing blame at the Green New Deal. Wind turbines that account for up to 25 percent of Texas's energy only produces 12 percent during the winter, and just two percent during the February storm as many turbines were useless and became inoperable due to the conditions. Cruz's approval rating in the Lone Star State has dropped 20 percent since he and his family went AWOL and evacuated to Cancún, Mexico, leaving beloved pet Snowflake with a dog-sitter. Cruz responded to criticism by asking the media not to be 'assholes', adding that the press is obsessed while undergoing post-Donald Trump withdraws.

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