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Tiger Woods Returns To Florida Exile

Good news on multiple fronts in the continuing Tiger Woods saga on Tuesday, it was announced that he has returned to his Florida home three weeks after his devastating car crash. It was also announced that Tiger has inked a new deal to grace the cover of 2K Sports upcoming video game, a revenue stream he enjoyed through 2013 with Electronic Arts. Well known as a reclusive figure, there have been zero public sightings of Woods since the accident. Considering it necessitated a three-week hospital stay, it can speculated that his injuries were even more serious, life-threatening and life-changing than officially reported. Privacy and potential legal issues notwithstanding, not TMZ or anyone else in the media has emerged with grainy, watermarked images of Woods being loaded into an ambulance that fateful day or his commute back to Florida. Woods and his partners are masters at evading the media. It will be a while before Woods appears on social media, the public eye not ready to see him as a currently wheelchair-ridden, rapidly aging man. Insiders had the goods on his private life long before the Nov. 27, 2009 accident that led to his divorce from Elin Nordegren. Woods reportedly paid hush money to tabloids to keep the scandal from exploding earlier. Tiger Woods recovery news and revelations will continue in bits and spurts for the weeks and months to come as clarity emerges to just how close the world came to losing another Kobe Bryant-level icon on Feb. 23.


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