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Trump Reconciles With Steve Bannon, Dumps Giuliani

As the outgoing president turns on personal lawyer and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump reconciles with others and welcomes back into the fold.

Bloomberg reports Trump has been in touch with former White House advisor Steve Bannon, as Trump seeks allies who believe the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen.

Bannon has worked over the past two years to get back in the President's good graces. His War Room Pandemic podcast was permanently removed from YouTube after Giuliani appeared on the show stating the election was stolen. The platform issued its second and third strikes over the episode - the first strike came after threats made towards Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Anthony Wray in November.

In another development, Giuliani tried to contact Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville on January 6 in an effort for that state to file an Electoral College objection, as Alabama went first in the alphabetical roll call. He got the voice mail of another lawmaker instead. Trump himself attempted to contact Tuberville but got Utah senator Mike Lee instead. In recent days mere mention of the phrase 'stop the steal' has become grounds for Draconian social media censure.

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