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Update: COVID Turned Deshaun Watson Into Predator?

The leftist media remains slow to the draw covering the Deshaun Watson case that now includes 16 lawsuits and 26 total complaints The allegations are serious enough that the Watson case rises to the level of other NFL legal cases over the past 20 years including Darren Sharper, Michael Vick and Kellen Winslow Jr. With Watson's superstar status along with the gravity of the situation, the saga will be on the front of sports and news headlines the rest of 2021. Earlier in the week Clay Travis on suggested the likely theory why the media has been slow to wade in. The story pits a Black quarterback with a pristine character image up to a fortnight ago against a group of women defendants. There is no middle ground, one side or the other must be taken. The Youtube site Sports Wars also found it curious that a search of ESPNs video social pages over several days had no mention from the talking heads on Watson, except for the Texans signing journeyman Tyrod Taylor, perhaps with the organization realizing they need a Plan B for the 2021 season. Although now vocal on social media and citing the case as disturbing from multiple angles, Shalise Manza Young's last Yahoo piece on Watson came in January regarding his request for a trade and Young citing that no one should blame him considering racial and sexist overtones that have come from the Texans organization in recent times. Watson will land on the Commissioner's Exempt List at any moment. NBC Sports Mike Florio suggested Watson settle with all 16 to 26 plaintiffs now, good luck with that. If only a fraction of the cases brought against Watson prove credible (and information such as times, addresses and alleged lewd acts that have come out), he is in a lot of hurt in regards to his freedom and immediate football future. The most disturbing aspect of an explosive story too hot for most media to touch is the timeline of the allegations - From March 2020 (when Covid hit and Watson's masseuse became unavailable) to earlier this month. Another common thread is Watson allegedly sought out inexperienced therapists or personal trainers. Whatever the accusers qualifications, that is more than one lawsuit for each month and at an allegation per fortnight. The case would also feature a marquee showdown between prominent attorneys Tony Buzbee and Rusty Hardin, the Gerald Boyle of Houston. Considering the magnitude of the allegations along with the recent timeline, it is clear that Deshaun Watson has issues and is in need of help.


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