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War Monuments Defaced, Toppled in Portland

Yet another display of graffiti and vandalism damage occurred in several cities during Thanksgiving, including Portland, Spokane, Chicago and Minneapolis. The 'decolonization' protesters also sprayed messages such as 'Land Back', 'Stolen Land', 'No More Genocide' and 'No Thanksgiving' on the fronts of businesses and landmarks. A Portland statue erected in 1903 honoring those who served in the Civil, Spanish-American, Mexican and Indian Wars was spray-painted and toppled. In Chicago, a statue of former President McKinley was tethered by a rope and attempted to be taken down by a car. In Minneapolis, a rope was put to the neck of a George Washington statue and taken dis respectably to the ground. Another monument in Minneapolis's Pioneer Park was spray-painted and heavily damaged. A 12-foot statue of Abraham Lincoln that has stood since 1930 got a dousing of fresh spray paint and graffiti, believed to have been done overnight Thanksgiving morning. As was the case with Columbus Day, Thanksgiving become the target of revisionist history and considered to social justice warriors as a celebration of conquest over Native Americans. President McKinley's legacy includes Western expansion efforts during his time in office from 1897 to 1901. Earlier this year monuments dedicated to McKinley were damaged in Buffalo and Honolulu.


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