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Will More California Pro Teams Temporarily Relocate?

On the heels of the San Francisco 49ers being forced to play its remaining three home games in Glendale, Ariz. comes word that the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams may not be far behind, along with seven NBA and NHL teams based in California. Per a Yahoo Sports report, the National Football League has been in touch with both Los Angeles based franchises on contingency plans should orders similar to those placed in Santa Clara County become statewide.

With the Covid crisis deepening in California and other Sun Belt states, it would not be a surprise if Governor Gavin Newsom issues even more enhanced mandates. In addition to 18 major league level franchises that call the state home, such a ruling would also impact dozens of college athletic programs. Outside of Phoenix and Las Vegas, the options of adjacent states are limited for the Chargers and Rams. In addition, the New England Patriots are scheduled to play the Chargers this coming Sunday at SoFi Stadium. The Patriots plan to spend next week in the Los Angeles area before a scheduled game with the Rams at the same venue.

The million dollar question remains how long before the NFL decides to suspend the current regular season schedule.


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