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Will New Cuomo Mandate Affect Pro/College Sports?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announces new draconian measures in regards to out of state travelers.

Effective Nov. 4, anyone entering the state must quarantine for three days then produce a negative Covid-19 test. Residents will still be able to travel freely between New York and neighboring New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Among other obvious questions is where does that leave the NFL, NBA, NHL and the NCAA in 2020? As of now the measure would impact just the Buffalo Bills, the lone NFL team that plays home games physically in the state. But should the measure extend into January it would potentially affect two NBA and three NHL teams within New York's borders.

The NFL has been mostly exempt from previous mandates from Governor Cuomo, and considering stringent protocols in pro sports, there is a good chance common sense prevails. The landscape gets trickier if New Jersey and other states follow New York's lead. Cuomo's mandate might also prove to be an obstacle for collegiate programs big and small within The Empire State's borders.

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