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2020 Live Election Red Zone Coverage

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Will be updated throughout the night...

7:00 PM EST - Very early results reported from three traditional first states that report. Donald Trump holds a slight lead in Kentucky and also leads early in Indiana and New Hampshire.

7:35 PM - Trump 13, Biden 3. Trump wins Kentucky and West Virginia, Joe Biden wins Vermont. No surprises. Biden also holds 51 to 47 percent lead in Georgia, an early battleground state.

7:40 PM - Biden 16, Trump 13 - #apracecall Biden to Virginia, where he was given a 99-plus chance of winning. Also from Virginia, Mark Warren (D) wins re-election to U.S. Senate

7:45 PM - Huge early news for Trump, New York Times gives the incumbent move than a 95 percent chance of winning Florida (29 electoral) totals and 62 percent of winning Georgia. Winning both states enhances Trump's chances of remaining relevant through the night.

7:50 PM - Mitch McConnell easily wins re-election in Kentucky, where Democrats spent money trying to unseat senate majority leader.

7:55 PM - Biden with lead with 20 percent of precincts reporting in Ohio, considered a toss-up state. Democrat Tim Ryan wins re-election to House.

7:57 PM - As usual Florida will go to the wire, Biden with 25,000 vote lead with 80 percent reporting.

8:00 PM - Result delays in Fulton County (Atlanta) per Fox News.

8:10 PM - Biden 85, Trump 55 - South Carolina (9), Oklahoma (7), Tennessee (11), Mississippi (6), Alabama (9) to Trump, Biden wins Illinois (20), New Jersey (14), Delaware (3), Maryland (10), Massachusetts (11), Connecticut (7), Rhode Island (4)

8:15 PM - Edward Markey (R-MA) wins reelection.

8:30 PM - Biden 85, Trump 61 - Arkansas (6) to Trump, neither candidate has really broken serve yet. New York Times reports 'either candidate could win'

8:40 PM - New York Times leaning slightly towards Trump with 60 percent of vote in.

8:45 PM - 53 percent of vote in for Ohio, Biden holds a 55-44 lead, many of the early results came from urban areas.

8:45 PM - Western Journal calls Florida for Trump - race has not been called by major media.

8:55 PM - Biden 85, Trump 72 - Indiana (11) called for Trump, who has more than 60 percent of the vote in Mike Pence's home state with half the votes in, most of Indianapolis area already in.

9:00 PM - Number of states about to be called.

9:02 PM - Biden 119, Trump 92 - Biden wins New Mexico (5) and New York (29). Trump wins North Dakota (3), South Dakota (3), Wyoming (3) Nebraska (3 so far), Louisiana (8). No surprises with New York or I-29 belt. Trump has definite pathway. 9:10 PM - Called more than 90 minutes ago by AP to Biden, Virginia now starting to lean red as Trump still has 58-40 lead with 40 percent of votes in. This would be a huge Biden loss.

9:15 PM - Hmmm.

9:30 PM - District of Columbia to Biden, extends lead to 122-92. 64 percent of votes counted in Texas, too close to call.

9:20 PM - Heavy turnout reported in Northern Minnesota, where Trump campaigned heavily and a fossil fuel region.

9:25 PM - States that loom large, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia...

9:25 PM - John Cornyn (R-TX) called to retain senate seat.

9:40 PM - Colorado and it's nine votes to Biden, 131-92

9:50 PM - Per Fox News, probability of Trump win now 64.8 percent.

9:55 PM - CBS News still has Georgia and Texas as toss-ups, Florida now leaning right. Do not expect Pennsylvania result tonight.

10:00 PM - This is headed deep into the night.

10:01 PM - Kansas and its six electoral votes to Trump, 131-98.

10:10 PM - States leaning red, Florida 29, Georgia 16, Pennsylvania 20, North Carolina 15, Maine 4, Ohio 18, Michigan 16, Wisconsin 10, Texas 38, Iowa 6, Missouri 10, Utah 6 - that would bring Trump to 280 electoral votes if he wins all 12 states, 260 if PA not called tonight.

10:15 PM - Trump campaign Twitter account claims Missouri win.

10:20 PM - Per Outkick, Biden odds 13-5, Trump 1-4...

10:25 PM - Lindsey Graham keeps South Carolina senate seat for fourth term.

10:35 PM - Missouri officially to Trump. Biden: 131, Trump 108.

10:40 PM - Nebraska's second congressional district and one electoral vote in play, who thought it could come down to the city of Omaha?

10:40 PM - Trump yet to lose a state he won in 2016...

10:45 PM - It may well come down to Pennsylvania in the coming days..

10:55 PM - Biden wins New Hampshire, nears New England sweep, 135-108.

11:00 PM - Biden sweeps West Coast as soon as polls close, California (56), Oregon (7), Washington (12), Trump wins Idaho (4). Biden 209, Trump 112.

11:10 PM - Race officially called for Trump in Florida, obviously huge. Trump also wins Utah, 209-147.

11:10 PM - Biden's best path to victory would be to pull a rabbit out of his hat in North Carolina, where he trails by 73,000 votes with 94 percent of the vote in. Biden needed Black and Latino turnout in worst way.

11:15 PM - In case you bet on a 269-269 tie, could happen if Biden gets the Omaha electoral vote and comes from behind in Wisconsin, where Milwaukee/Madison votes traditionally come in late.

11:25 PM - Trump with 50.7 percent of popular vote, Philadelphia votes not expected to come in until to tomorrow.

11:30 PM - Iowa trending red, comes down to Big Ten states such as Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan

11:55 PM - Major networks really slow walking the results in several states, Biden has taken the lead with the popular vote.

12:00 AM - Fox News calls Texas for Trump, and moments earlier called Ohio. Biden projected to win Hawaii. According to the network it is Biden 227, Trump 204.

12:05 AM - States leaning towards Trump but not called: Georgia 16, North Carolina 15, Michigan 16, Wisconsin 10, Iowa 6, Montana 3. If all those hold that brings Trump to exactly 270, without even calling Pennsylvania.

12:15 AM - Iowa to Trump, up to 210.

12:20 AM - Expanded gambling passes in Nebraska.

12:25 AM - Nevada, all residents received mail-in ballots, deadline to send was today - and must be received by next Tuesday.

12:30 AM - Biden wins Minnesota, but Fox News retracts Arizona, though Biden still leads, that leaves Biden with 237 (with Arizona)

12:30 AM - Reports indicate Pennsylvania results will not be final until Friday. 12:40 AM - Eight states remain in play, GA, NC, MI, WI, IA, MT, NV, AK - Trump has good chance to win all eight, Biden does officially win Virginia with late avalanche of votes.

1:12 AM - Senate currently tied at 46-46, Republicans lead in the house 160-154.

1:20 AM - More math, Biden rallies to win Wisconsin, but Trump wins Alaska and Nevada (where Biden currently leads). That leaves DT with 269-249 lead with Pennsylvania left. It is coming down to Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Alaska!?

1:30 AM - Biden came into the day given 84 percent chance of winning Pennsylvania.

5:00 AM - Final post. Biden indeed got late Wisconsin surge, and now the Badger State is leaning left, that would be a crucial third Upper Midwest state for Biden, where Trump campaigned heavily. If so, the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election comes down to Pennsylvania - unless Biden also gets a late surge in Georgia or North Carolina.

Trump 4/6

Biden 6/5

9:20 AM - The election is now Joe Biden's to lose, about when it stood 24 hours ago. Joe Biden has rallied to take a precarious 3,700 vote lead in Michigan with absentee vote counting underway.. Wins in blue-leaning Nevada, Wisconsin and Michigan would give Biden exactly 270 electoral votes and is now a 1/4 favorite, while Trump's odds slip to 3/1.

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