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'79 Days Of Hell' Storm Towards Epic Climax

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

The alarm was sounded back in October to bunker down after the U.S. election for '79 days of hell'. Sunday, January 17 could see more insurrection as the FBI has issued warnings to state and local authorities of extreme 'boogaloo' armed marches in Washington D.C. and all 50 state Capitols.

A Dec. 29 report warns of followers willing to commit violence in support of their ideology. The reports specifically warn of trouble in Michigan and Minnesota. Some Minnesota followers scouted escape points, defensible positions and possible law enforcement sniper locations near the St. Paul Capitol.

This could serve as another reason to get President Trump removed from office by Friday. The inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden remains set for 12 noon ET Jan. 20. You have been warned Topeka, Pierre, Sacramento, Austin, Denver, Atlanta, Albany, Madison, Salt Lake City, Lansing, etc.. Get to the grocery store, load up on beverages, order some pizza and charge your mobile devices. Do not wait until the last minute.


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