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Anti-Vaccine Protesters Block Dodger Stadium

One of the nation's largest vaccination sites was blocked for over an hour Saturday by anti-vax protesters.

Around 50 protesters blocked entrances in Los Angeles in what was said to be a peaceful protest.

In the past month Dodger Stadium has been transformed from a COVID testing site to a vaccine distribution center processing 6,000 to 7,000 shots per day with the ability to vaccinate upwards to 12,000. Other stadiums with parking facilities or expanded space have been used for mass vaccinations in recent days, including New York's Citi Field, Gillette Stadium and Fenway Park in the Boston area and San Diego's Petco Park. In the past week COVID deaths in California have peaked to 550 per day on a 7-day rolling average. In Los Angeles County alone, 1.1 million cases have been recorded, more than 10 percent of the population. Tensions continue to rise in California as restrictions are loosened to allow outdoor dining, but without televisions in such areas in advance of the Super Bowl. "It would be tragic if the Super Bowl became a super spreader event," one smart aleck health director said.

California is also frowning against private large gatherings or parties connected to next Sunday's football game.


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