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Dollar Menu - John Axford Returns, One Night Only

With Josh Hader joining three of his bullpen mates onto the Covid list, the Milwaukee Brewers put out an SOS call to the Toronto Blue Jays and re-acquired John Axford in a minor league trade. The cost to bring Axford back to Milwaukee? All of one dollar - about the price of five chicken nuggets. The veteran oft-traveled pitcher did impress in recent outings with Toronto's AAA affiliate. With the Brewers up 6-0, Axford got the call to pitch the ninth inning Monday against the Pittsburgh Pirates. His return did not go according to plan, he gave up two earned runs and recorded an out before exiting with an apparent elbow injury. Axford is scheduled for a Tuesday MRI exam. Axford's last prior appearance for the Brewers was in 2013. Except for the injury it was a neat idea - but as they say you truly get what you pay for.


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