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Antifa Soccer Premiership Debuts In Portland!

December 30, 2020 goes down as a historic night at Portland's Duniway Park as the Anti-Fascist Soccer League kicked off. Interest in the Black Bloc start-up operation exceeded expectations. Looking to field a minimum of four clubs, 88 signed up for participation allowing for an eight-team competition. Opening night fixtures included Long Legged Socialists v. No Justice No Cleats, Antifa Pickles v. Emma GOALdmans, Snac-A-Tac v. Elk Fan Club Nightmare and Icebreakers v. Demand Dystopia.

Antifa has had a huge presence in the supporters section at Portland Timbers matches, Major League Soccer attempted to ban the waving of Antifa flags in 2019. Perhaps Austin, Texas can get their own league going in 2021, Molon labe v. Coal Mine Canaries with Paul Joseph Watson as commissioner. Antifa FC v. Infowars United would be the ultimate derby.


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