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Creepy Cuomo Charges Clouds Real COVID Calamity

The #metoo movement continues to line up charges against disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, sadly overshadowing the blood of thousands of nursing home deaths on the hands of the Emmy Award winner. The continued actions of the serial sleaze bag was featured Thursday night on Jeff Dunetz's as Cuomo's approval rating has plummeted from 71 to 38 percent.

As pressure mounts even more for Cuomo to resign, video from the 2016 New York State Fair resurfaced, where Cuomo urged news reporter Beth Cefalu 'to eat the whole sausage'. Although Cefalu reiterated this week that she did not feel harassed, the video punctuates a revealing look on Cuomo's typical behavior. Although it makes for good tabloid fodder, the personal allegations against Cuomo pale in comparison to the media hailing him a hero in the early days of the pandemic as thousands of elderly COVID patients were returned to nursing homes to infect others. Fox News weather personality Janice Dean spoke out last month noting her two in-laws were amongst the casualties. Dean was triggered by the actions of Chris and Andrew Cuomo in a televised CNN segment. The revelations of recent days has New York state residents and others hoping that Governor Cuomo ends up choking on his own bratwurst.


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