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Edinburg Bobcats Emmanuel Duron Assaults Ref After Ejection

Ever wonder what it would take for an athlete to be led off by police in any sport? We got an idea Thursday in a high school football game in South Texas's Rio Grande Valley. After being disqualified for roughing the passer and unsportsmanlike conduct, Edinburgh High School EDGE rusher Emmanuel Duron charged back onto the field and blindsided referee Fred Gracia. with a vicious hit. Gracia was carted off with a possible concussion and shoulder injury.

Duron was escorted from the stadium by local police. Besides playing defensive end, Duron serves as the team's punter and placekicker, and booted a 51-yard field goal earlier in the season. He also has a 2-yard run to his credit and considered a star on the school's wrestling team. Edinburgh High School is located near McAllen, Texas, across the border from the Mexican community of Reynosa.

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