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La Russa DUI Arrest, "I'm A Hall of Famer, Brother..."

Details of Tony La Russa's February DUI arrest became public Tuesday, and even worse than imagined, going beyond the 'Do you know who I am' card.

According to the police report, La Russa asked the officer "Do you want to see my ring" and later "I'm a Hall of Famer baseball person." The officer then placed him in the squad car's back seat and assured him he would be treated with the utmost respect.

When news of La Russa's second known DUI arrest leaked Monday, media contacted La Russa, who said "I have nothing to say" before disconnecting. La Russa's previous DUI arrest came during Spring Training in Florida in 2007. Weeks later St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock was killed in a DUI blamed car crash that had him texting and traveling 68 MPH in a construction zone. It was also revealed that the Chicago White Sox knew about La Russa's latest legal run-in before hiring him as manager last month.

Also on Tuesday, free agent pitcher Marcus Stroman said on social media that no amount of money could steer him from the White Sox. Before turning to his managerial career La Russa attended law school and passed the Florida Bar exam in 1980.

The only bar exams La Russa has been passed lately have apparently been at the tavern. And Jerry Reinsdorf continues to rise on the short list of worst owners in professional sports.


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