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Lakers, Dodgers Titles Deserve Asterisks

Congrats, Los Angeles Dodgers fans. 

With the highest payroll in baseball, your team was the best in the Majors during the shortened 2020 season, and they beat the AL’s top team — with the second lowest payroll — in a fun World Series. Tuesday night your squad benefited from perhaps the worst managerial blunder in baseball memory to take the ultimate lead on a fielder’s choice and wild pitch. I know media is crusading against it, and it won’t occur, but your title should have an asterisk. Why? The season was only 37 percent as long as usual, and you played no road games in the playoffs. In fact, with Dodgers Nation behind you, every game basically was a home game.  Take nothing away from MVP Corey Seager and the L.A. pitchers. They carried the team when “stars” like Cody Bellinger (.136) didn’t contribute offensively.  The same asterisk goes for your city’s basketball team, which spent the last two-and-a-half months of the “season” in a BLM bubble playing subpar competition with no viewers. The execrable LeBron James got to whine in a glorified television studio, with no travel and enormous breaks between games. It’s not the same as other NBA titles. Part of being a "world champion" is playing home and especially road contests week after week, and dealing with constant travel in between games — not sitting in Orlando or Dallas-area resorts. When they weren’t engaging in virtue-signaling boycotts, the Lakers played a paltry 20 games over almost two months. Laughable. At least the Dodgers played their 18 home playoff games in about four weeks.  It’s a good thing the authoritarians running California (into the ground) don’t allow parades.

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