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Man Shot Dead By Police In Suburban Minneapolis

Robbinsdale, Minn. police acknowledge fatal shooting of man wanted on a felony charge Friday. The suspects car was disabled following a brief chase, the man then charged at officers with a knife and ignored orders to drop the weapon. Neighbors who witnessed the event say the officers drew their guns and attempted to get the suspect (described as a white male) out peacefully and did not fire until the suspect got within 10 feet of an officer. A female passenger along with her dog were then escorted from suspects car safely.

The shooting comes just over a week after police fatally shot a suspect after a stop in South Minneapolis, approximately a mile away from where George Floyd died last May. That incident immediately drew more than a 200 protesters to the intersection, some representing Black Lives Matters, who shouted obscenities and threw snowballs. Police chief Medaria Arradondo said officers were fired upon first with subsequent body cam footage supporting that report.


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